Compare Quotes in Writing or Official Email Propositions, not Verbal Offers or Website Claims!

Created: 2016-11-20 07:00:00

When you deal with a provider of smart loans in UK, you are likely to get most information online. A typical website should have all the details you need to know and accordingly you can decide to apply with one while discarding another. It is helpful to get the relevant information online but that is not the end of the whole process. The claims or what is advertised online, on official websites or third party sites may not be the whole story. The facts may be different in your case depending on many factors.

You will see the rates have asterisks next to them signaling they could and possibly would be revised. You may not get the loan amount promised if you are not eligible for what you seek. Likewise, there are numerous elements that must be factored in while choosing a lender of short term loans in UK. It is imperative that you compare quotes or propositions when they are sent to you in writing or in official emails.

When you compare quotes online, on third party sites or using a UK loan calculator, there is no promise or legally binding obligation of the lender to actually offer what you think you would be getting or are qualified for. Only written propositions or offer letters will be binding upon the lender. Even then they have the discretion to change some aspects of the loan or reject your application. But at least you wouldn’t get a completely different proposition or the lender denying that any previous offer is binding upon them.

Contact the lenders you think are suitable for your needs. Check their websites for sure but ask for written propositions. You will be asked to fill up forms or questionnaires and there might be an online consultation as well to deem your eligibility. Once you have the propositions in writing, compare the offers to make an informed decision.

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