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If you're interested in getting a short term loan with Smart Loans UK, then we advise you to review the representative example to ensure that you're aware of the overall monthly repayments and total cost. We also recommend you talk to your loan provider if you're unable to make the monthly repayments to see what your options are.

Representative example
Loan amount £550
Loan length 18 months
Monthly repayments £113.06
Total loan amount £2,035.08

Smart Loans UK are an experienced broker in the finance industry and we're proud to say that we strive to provide an excellent service for our customers. This comes from informing our customers properly, so they can have a strong and clear understanding of how a short term loan works.

With Smart Loans UK you can apply for a short term loan today. We advise all of our customers to think very carefully before applying for a loan of any amount and repayment period. Which will be set by their loan provider.

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